Blessings! As we enter a new year with hope for a year that will bring us better times than we experienced in 2020.  We have faced so many challenges and our lives seemed to be in constant turmoil since March of 2020.  For nearly a year now we have lived in a pandemic and I am sure many have felt as if they have had no control over their lives and the challenges that hey have faced daily.  Yet we know that God is with us and with God all things are possible.

The new year will not immediately change and yes there is hope in a vaccine but even that will take time.  We must remember to be safe and to take precautions as we slowly head back to what may be closer to what we deem as “normal.”  Even that normal will bring changes and we will have to adapt in order to remain safe.  We must take care of one another and ensure that our brothers and sisters are safe and have what they need. 

First Congregational Church of Chicopee will continue to be there for those that are in need.  Our ministries that include Breaking Bread with the Community, Loaves and Fishes Street Ministry, and Regina’s Pantry will continue to aid with those in need and have become even more important in these challenging times.  So many of our neighbors have experienced job loss and financial challenges and we are here to ensure that they receive the help that they need.  We can use your assistance also so if you wish to volunteer contact the church at 413-592-0396.

We are also in the process of launching a new app that will make it easier for you to staying contact with the church and have access to our worship, teachings, and news.  The first step is in roll out which will make it easier for you to donate.  You can download this app by texting FCC CHICOPEE to 77977 or going to https:/pushpay/g/firstchicopee. There is also a link on this page and on our Facebook site under information. 

We have met many challenges and there is no doubt that there are many more that we will face in 2021.  Know that this church has never closed and although we may not be worshipping in community, the church is active and making a difference in Chicopee and beyond.  Blessings my friends.

Yours in Christ



Location 306 Chicopee St. Phone 413-592-0396 Hours Sunday Service 10:00 am Watch us online via Facebook
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