Pastor Gary Grimes


We are facing times that are challenging us every day. The coronavirus threat has changed our lives and is causing us to change our daily routines in order to ensure that we keep ourselves and our families safe. Fear, divisiveness, misinformation, and so many other obstacles fill our days. The church has a responsibility to lead the way to ensure that we our “Being the Church” by keeping our neighbors safe. This has caused us to temporarily put a halt to live worship. Take solace in this, the church is not closed. We may be doing worship in a new way reaching you all virtually, but our doors are still open and will remain open through these tough days.

Please be assured that I am there for each of you if you need to talk. We may not be able to get together in person, but we can talk on the phone, pray through the phone, and care for each other. You can call me at any time that you need to talk.

The church has also put together emergency packs that can be used in case you have to quarantine or need items during this shelter in place. Please contact the church at 413-592-0396 if you need anything. The food pantry is also stocked, and we can provide emergency food stuffs. If you know of anyone that needs help, please let us know. They do not need to be members of the church.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” We need to help those that are in need no matter who they may be. Know that there are many right now that feel abandoned. The homeless, the elderly, those in need, see others being helped but do not know how or have the resources to reach out. Let’s make sure that we keep all our neighbors safe.

In closing I will continue to hold you all in my heart and pray for each of you and ask that you please do the same for me. Also look for an email that will tell you how we can come together Thursday evenings at 7 P.M. in community, virtually, and enjoy each other’s fellowship. I miss you all and remember, wash your hands every time you get the chance.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Gary Grimes
First Congregational Church of Chicopee


If you need help during this crisis please contact us. The church is not closed even if we are not having live worship. If you need food, clothing, help of any kind call 413-592-0396.


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Church service at the church for Sunday August 9th, has been canceled. In this trying time, we have taken under consideration, your health and safety

Reverend Gary Grimes is planning a live Stream on our Facebook page. Log onto the First Congregational Church of Chicopee Facebook Page for Sunday August 9th Service. Thank you, be well and may God Bless.

We ask that all of you take precautions that are as simple as washing your hands for twenty seconds with soap and water after contact with another person or common items and not touching your faces. Use hand sanitizer when there’s no water or soap available and ensure that the hand sanitizer is at least 60% alcohol. There should be no hysteria only common sense precautions to avoid spread of this disease and of many other diseases.


breaking bread 2Sunday August 16th our church will be holding a grab and go meal outside of the church between 5-6:30pm. We will have one table set up outside the main door for pick up meals.

Our food pantry will also be open. We will have a another table set up for the pantry at the rear of the church.

There will be no service at this time
Please remember one person at the table at a time. We will practice social distance
Everyone must wear a face mask.

We look forward to serving and seeing you and lets try to keep everyone safe.

God Bless!!



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