Beloved,                                                                                                                   July 2021

Here we are about halfway through summer and although we have experienced some hot periods, overall, the summer weather has been very rainy and not so summer like.  I hope you are all having a peaceful relaxing season.

We have been back in community worship now since early June and the numbers have been a bit low.  I understand that the crisis has not ended, but we are safe and making sure that the risk of infection is reduced.  We each need to examine why we are not coming, and if it is because it is more convenient to worship at home on the couch then maybe we should look at our commitment to honoring god.  I hope to see you all at the church on Sunday.  We need to come back into community.

The church has also been examining our finances and how we can better meet our budget and better serve God.  Right now, through giving we achieve about 45% of our budget.  Over the past year however, those numbers have declined to closer to 40%.  We are looking at ways to make up the deficit without touching the principal of our endowment but that is becoming more difficult.  We need to look at all that God has provided us and return to God a portion of that through giving. 

The church needs support.  There are many ways you can give. The easiest is through pushpay.  We have set up a way for you to give electronically online through a secure, safe app.  You can contact me, and I will help you through it or you can go to our web site and click on the giving link and follow the prompts.  You can also mail in your offering to the church or better still drop it off while you are here at worship.

We have some exciting events occurring here not the least of all is the All-Church Retreat.  Although we have met our max number of attendees, I hope those of you that are going will enjoy but those that are not can watch the worship live from the beach on September 5 at 10 A.M.

I hope you are all doing well and if you need to talk to me, please know I am always available.

Grace and Peace


Gary Grimes
First Congregational Church of Chicopee

$2,000 Goal set for Our Church's Wider Mission – Manitou Community Church


Location 306 Chicopee St. Phone 413-592-0396 Hours Sunday Service 10:00 am Watch us online via Facebook
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